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  • Natural ways to keep cats and dogs flea & tick free

    by Fiona Lane January 15, 2024

    Natural ways to keep cats and dogs flea & tick free including using BioPet Fleas & Ticks - a natural, chemical free and affordable flea and tick repellent for cats and dogs.

    Fleas and ticks can be more than a nuisance for cats and dogs. Infected bites can cause more serious health issues, and pet fleas will happily bite humans too. Flea treatments can also be expensive – especially if you have more than one pet – and most are chemical-based. If you’re looking for natural ways to keep cats or dogs flea and tick free, then here are some useful tips, including using our 100% chemical-free and affordable flea and tick repellent for cats and dogs.  

    Check for fleas & ticks regularly

    Regular grooming keeps our cats and dogs looking beautiful, but it’s also a frontline defense for keeping them free from biting bugs. Run a flea comb through their fur regularly to check for any uninvited guests.

    Keep living areas clean

    Flea larvae like dark, narrow and dusty spaces. Once they hatch into pupae it’s the cracks in floorboards and in between carpet fibres that they like to call home. Frequent vacuuming can help to get rid of larvae and pupae before they become fully fledged biting fleas. Regular washing of your pet’s bedding can help too.

    Focus on skin health

    Ensuring your pet has plenty of essential fatty acids in their diet can help with maintaining good skin condition, which in turn helps to prevent fleas from biting. Ensuring your cat or dog stays well hydrated – particularly in the summer months – can also help to keep skin supple and healthy.

    Do it with diet

    A daily dose of brewer’s yeast in your dog’s kibble can help to repel fleas. It may also work for cats, although they do tend to be fussier about their food.

    Cover them up

    Ticks tend to live in long grass where they can attach on to animals that are passing by, so keeping your pet covered gives them less to grab on to.  For larger dogs, use old socks as “leg warmers” to keep legs covered, although be aware that ticks can attach to any part of the body. Once you return from your adventures, check your pet for ticks.

    Use natural repellents

    Fleas are repelled by the smell of citrus. Rubbing your pets coat with a freshly cut lemon or orange, or keeping a lemon-water solution in a squeezy bottle can help to keep fleas at bay. Your dog might even enjoy a nice cool spritz with lemon-water on a hot summers day!

    Try our 100% natural BioPet Fleas & Ticks remedy

    This innovative chemical-free tick repellent is a true game changer. Three pumps of BioPet Fleas & Ticks into the water bowl each day is all it takes to keep fleas and ticks at bay or to desensitize your pet to the effects of bites – perfect for pets with flea or tick allergies. Each 90ml bottle of remedy contains 230 doses, making it very affordable too.

    So, how does an oral flea & tick repellent work?

    BioPet Fleas & Ticks uses a homeopathic formulation to subtly change your cat or dogs’ body odour so the fleas and ticks are no longer attracted to them. This change in odour isn’t detectable to people or other animals but it is enough to confuse the tick into looking elsewhere for its dinner. It takes up to a week for this remedy to start taking effect.

    How does dosing in the water bowl work?

    The active ingredients in this remedy use hydrogen particles in the water to spread. It doesn’t matter how much or how little your pet drinks – the remedy only needs to make contact with the tongue, gums or lips to activate. Your cat or dog will get a fresh dose of remedy every time they take a drink.

    What if I have more than one pet to dose?

    Adding one dose of BioPet Fleas & Ticks to a water bowl can provide cover for all the cats and dogs that drink from that bowl. If your pets drink from separate bowls, then you’ll need to dose each bowl individually. You can also dose by adding this remedy to their food or onto a treat twice a day, or by pumping remedy directly into the mouth (although this method is easier for dogs than it is cats!)

    Is it safe for long term use?

    Absolutely. It’s also safe to use alongside any prescription medications from your vet, and for pets that are pregnant or lactating.

    Is it expensive?

    Each 90ml pump bottle of BioPet Fleas & Ticks contains 230 doses – so enough to last all summer. Prices will vary depending on the currency you use, so the best idea is to head to our website and select your preferred currency and size to get an accurate cost.

    Can it be used on other animals?

    BioPet Fleas & Ticks is formulated especially for small animals such as cats and dogs, but we do make a stronger formulation for larger animals, such as our Ticks Plus - Equine for horses, Ticks Plus – Livestock for farm animals and our very popular Mozzies Plus for humans (here’s our FAQs on how this product works for people).


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    General Disclaimer

    Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets, and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.

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