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  • The BioPet Story

    Creating Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs and Cats


    Caring for Dogs, Cats and Pets Since 2003

    BioPet has been at the forefront of homeopathic pet health since its inception. The business was born from the collaboration of two dedicated professionals: Dr. Brett Christian, a renowned veterinary surgeon and homeopath, and Fiona Lane, an accomplished animal homeopath and educator. Their shared vision led to the creation of the BioPet range of high-quality and affordable natural remedies for dogs, cats, pets and other animals.

    Where the BioPet Story Started

    Co-founder Fiona Lane gained a Diploma in Homeopathy (Animal Health) before working as a teacher/assessor at the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy. She went on to gain valuable clinical experience in animal homeopathy working with Dr Brett Christian who had been successfully using homeopathy alongside conventional care at his Henderson Veterinary Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand. 

    In 2003, Dr. Christian and Fiona opened a homeopathic and holistic vet clinic for pets on Auckland’s North Shore. This collaboration led to the launch of the BioPet range of natural remedies in 2004. Starting with 12 of their most popular and innovative formulations – including the BioPet Relax natural remedy for dogs and cats experiencing anxiety or stress and BioPet Fleas & Ticks to repel biting bugs naturally - the brand quickly gained popularity among health-conscious pet owners in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. 

    The Philosophy Behind BioPet

    Homeopathy is the second most widely used medical system globally. It has been recognised for its effectiveness by doctors and veterinarians for over 200 years and endorsed by the World Health Organisation. 

    The ethos of homeopathy is to address the underlying causes of disease rather than suppressing symptoms. It uses remedies derived from plants, minerals, and biological materials, which are diluted and succussed to retain only their essence, making them safe, gentle, and non-toxic.

    The BioPet natural remedy range was developed to empower pet owners with natural, effective solutions for their pets' health through products that are non-toxic, economical, and easy to administer, ensuring that pets receive the best care possible.

    Why Choose BioPet?

    BioPet remedies are professionally formulated, incorporating herbal extracts for enhanced effectiveness. The easy-to-use pump dispensers and unbreakable food-grade aluminium bottles ensure convenience, and the ability to easily dose the most difficult pet.

    Our commitment to quality and safety is unwavering. BioPet natural remedies are designed to be used alongside conventional veterinary medicines, offering a holistic approach to pet health. This integration of natural and conventional treatments ensures that pets receive comprehensive care tailored to their specific needs.

    Success Stories 

    BioPet is loved by pet owners who value natural health solutions. The remedies are formulated to address not only physical symptoms but also mental and emotional states. This holistic approach is effective in treating conditions that may stem from stress or emotional trauma.

    Fiona Lane shares, “Many pet owners have seen remarkable improvements in their pets’ health. From easing mobility issues in older dogs to managing chronic skin conditions linked to emotional stress, our products have made a significant difference. Our clients often discover BioPet through word of mouth, a testament to the effectiveness of our 100% natural remedies.”

    Continuing the Legacy

    Fiona continues to contribute to the field of animal homeopathy through her work with BioPet and Hippo Health, which offers a broader range of remedies to support dog, cat and pet health. She remains a staunch advocate for the integration of homeopathy with conventional veterinary medicine, ensuring that pets receive the best of both worlds.