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What's In Our Remedies?

by Fiona Lane January 17, 2022

Whats In Our Remedies Hippo Health Homeopathic formulas for Horses, Pets, People

We’re glad you asked! What’s in our remedies is not something we talk about often, but it is something that goes to the very heart of our business.

That’s because we’re passionate about making homeopathic remedies that are easy to use, gentle and 100% natural - free from artificial preservatives, additives and colours, gluten and dairy.

The first step is to create the base. This is the liquid that carries the active ingredients and delivers them whether the remedy is dosed orally or in a water trough or bowl.

Our sweet glycerine base is palm oil free

Most of our remedies are made in a glycerine base – horses, pets and humans love the sweet taste which makes dosing easy. Our business is all about keeping animals happy and healthy, which is why we only use palm oil-free glycerine. While it’s harder and more expensive to source – we think it’s worth it.

Our People range is also available in an alcohol and purified water base for those who prefer something a little less sweet. It’s no less effective, it’s just a little more of an acquired taste.

We use only the best herbal and homeopathic ingredients

We pride ourselves in the time, care and attention we put into sourcing the active ingredients that go into our remedies. Our blends are formulated by our qualified practitioner with 18 years of research, knowledge and clinical experience. Our team is dedicated to creating innovative products like our oral sunscreen for horses (here’s how it works!) and our oral tick repellent that works by subtly changing an animals body odour so nasty biting bugs look elsewhere for their dinner.

Our packaging is sturdy, reusable and recyclable

All of our remedies come in aluminium pump bottles which help to protect the remedy inside from direct sunlight, and are sturdy enough to survive dents, dings and even the occasional bite from an overly enthusiastic horse trying to get to the sweet tasting contents! The aluminium bottles are also easier to recycle.

Most of our horse remedies are also available in good, sturdy jerry cans which are strong enough to withstand the rough and tumble of life in a stable, and are reusable and recyclable too.

All our remedies are gluten & dairy free

Whether for horses, pets or people, our remedies are gluten & dairy free and, if you can’t tolerate the sweetness of glycerine, our people range also comes in a base made from alcohol and purified water.

Our remedies can be used alongside prescription medicines

All of our horse, pet and people formulas are gentle and non-toxic, making them safe to use alongside medicines prescribed by either doctors or veterinarians. Our remedies work to support a natural immune response or improve the assimilation of minerals through the gut and so are given orally to ensure dosing doesn’t sting or cause stress.  

They’re also racing and competition safe 

Our horse remedies are homeopathic and are not detectable by swab test. The active ingredients are delivered in a base of vegetable glycerine and purified water so from a technical perspective, we guarantee our Hippo Health products are undetectable in testing.

Yes, but do they work?

We get lots of positive feedback and reviews on our website and on Facebook from customers who have used our remedies on horses, pets or themselves and had great results. So before you buy one of our remedies, we recommend checking out our reviews!


General Disclaimer



Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets, and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.



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