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Sol Plus - People

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Sol Plus – People is an exciting 100% natural option for those wanting assistance with sun management. Our groundbreaking ORAL remedy can be added to a drink bottle or taken directly on the tongue, it’s sweet taste and convenient pump dosing makes it an easy addition to your summer essentials.

Suitable for all ages, from infants to seniors. Safe for pregnant and nursing mums. Can be used alongside prescription medicines.

Each 90ml bottle contains over 200 doses and has a 2 year expiry.  Available in a sweet base or an alcohol base.

Please note, this is not an SPF rated sunblock, it should be used alongside SPF rated products as part of a sensible sun safety plan.

Oral drops available in sweet glycerine or alcohol base.

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Remedies are dispensed in a 90ml food grade aluminium bottle with a hygienic serum pump lid with over-cap.

50ml Pump Bottle provides over 100 doses for adults, twice that for children under 10 years

90ml Pump Bottle provides over 230 doses for adults, twice that for children under 10 years                  



Drink Bottle:  2 pumps, shake well.  (volumes 0 – 1 litre) For larger volumes add an extra 1 pump per 500ml.

Sip from bottle at least once per hour when in the sun.

Dosing on to the tongue:

Children 0-10 years, 1 pump per dose.

Ages 11 – 100 years, 2 pumps per dose.

Allow half an hour for first dose to activate.  Repeat doses at approximately 1-2 hourly depending on variables such as how hot it is, fairness of skin.

Please note, Sol Plus does not prevent heat stroke, or burning of feet on hot pavements, so usual precautions need to be taken.


How Does an Oral Remedy assist with Sun Management?

An oral sunburn product may seem like an unusual concept - "how can something you swallow affect whether or not you get sunburnt?" - until you consider the fact that some antibiotic pills like tetracycline cause people to be more susceptible to sunburn. Our formulation has the reverse effect. 


* Oral drops available in sweet glycerine base or alcohol base.

* Safe, non-toxic ingredients.

* Safe to use alongside prescription medications.

* Safe for pregnant and breast feeding women

* Non-addictive

* Gluten & Dairy Free

* Competition safe (not swab-able)

* All remedies have a shelf life of 2 years.


Remedies are dispensed in a 90ml food grade aluminium bottle with a hygienic serum pump lid with over-cap.

Oral remedies need to make contact with a mucous membrane such as the tongue, gums or lips. Read our blog to find out more about oral dosing.


Warning: Always read the label. If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional. Keep all medicines out of reach of children. Store below 40°C, away from direct sunlight and strong smelling substances.  

General Disclaimer
We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. This product is not an SPF rated sunblock. It should be used as part of a sensible sun management plan. Results may vary.

Made in New Zealand. 100% Natural and Non-toxic. Homeopathic Preparation.

Contains equal parts of: Belladonna, China officianalis, Hypericum, Mezereum, Rhus toxidendron, Sol
Base: Vegetable glycerine & purified water OR (if requested) Alcohol & purified water base