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  • About Us

    We’re committed to providing quality natural remedies at affordable prices

    Many years ago, Hippo Health Founder Fiona Lane lost her much-loved horse, Lass, because of the cost of treating her. That loss fuelled decades of study and research into homeopathy, leading to the creation of two ranges of high-quality and affordable remedies for horses, dogs, cats, livestock and people – BioPet and Hippo Health.

    Here at Hippo Health, we’re passionate about creating homeopathic remedies that are safe, gentle and non-toxic. That’s why all our 100% natural remedies are made using only the best herbal and homeopathic ingredients, and are free from artificial preservatives, additives and colours, gluten and dairy.

    Our focus is on holistic animal health, which is why all our remedies are created to be safely used alongside medicines prescribed by veterinarians and doctors. Our natural remedies work to support a natural immune system response or improve the assimilation of minerals through the gut and are given orally to ensure dosing doesn’t sting or cause any stress.

    Both Hippo Health and BioPet ranges are formulated in New Zealand by our team at Goodings Laboratory. Our BioPet range has been at the forefront of homeopathic pet health since 2004. The shared vision of Fiona, an accomplished animal homeopath and educator, and Dr. Brett Christian, a renowned veterinary surgeon and homeopath, led to the creation of the BioPet range of high-quality and affordable natural remedies to support the health and wellbeing of dogs, cats and other pets.

    Fiona’s dedication to research and innovation, along with years of clinical experience, has been the force behind the ongoing development of both the Hippo Health and BioPet natural remedy ranges, and the loyal following they have all over the world.

    We take great pride and infinite care in the formulation and production of our 100% natural remedies and in the quality of products and services we provide to our customers. You can read more about our range of products and how to use them in our Advice section

    You are welcome to follow us on FacebookInstagram, or TikTok for tips, advice, and information about using our natural remedies, or sign up to our Hippo Rewards program to earn discounts in our online store.