Welcome to HIPPO Health. The little shop with lots of BIG ideas.

We believe in providing quality natural remedies at affordable prices. Even our packaging is robust! We use only food grade aluminium bottles with convenient pump tops and plastic jerry cans robust enough to withstand the demands of dealing with horses, pets, livestock as well as the most energetic children and multi-tasking adults. Our products survive it all!

HIPPO remedies are another great product from Goodings Laboratory, maker of HIPPO and BioPet natural remedies, and are the culmination of 15 years clinical experience.  Formulated in New Zealand, HIPPO remedies are 100% natural, using only premium quality herbal and homeopathic ingredients.

Our products are free from artificial preservatives, additives and colourings, are gluten and dairy free. All remedies come in a base of naturally sweet (but low G.I) vegetable glycerine and purified water, with the option of an alcohol base for adults who prefer it.  PLUS all HIPPO remedies are competition and racing safe, supporting all the performers amongst us.

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