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  • Natural Remedies For Wounds, Warts and Skin Conditions

    by Fiona Lane March 09, 2024

    Bruises, Grazes, Warts, Eczema, Ringworm, Psoriasis and Athletes Foot - natural remedies for horses, cats, dogs, pets, humans, families and children.

    Humans aren’t the only ones that experience skin conditions. Eczema, ringworm, warts and more are also common ailments that need managing for our horses, cats, dogs and livestock such as cattle, sheep and pigs.

    While most of our remedies – including those for common skin conditions - are formulated to support the health of animals, the human body responds in similar ways to homeopathic preparations. That’s why some of the remedies in our Equine, Pet and Farm Animal ranges are also formulated specifically for people.

    Read on to find out more about natural ways to manage wounds, warts and skin conditions, and the remedies we make that can help!

    Bumps and Bruises

    A cold compress, arnica gel or cream, rest, and elevation are good ways to manage minor bumps, bruised, swelling, or inflammation in humans, but these things can be trickier to manage when it’s a horse or pet that needs care.

    For horses, pets and livestock

    Our First Aid Plus remedy comes in different formulations for horses, cats and dogs, and livestock. This all-natural remedy supports a normal immune response to minor pain, swelling, and inflammation due to soft tissue or bone injuries, as well as aiding healing of minor wounds. It’s safe to use alongside any medications prescribed by a veterinarian, and is a good remedy to keep on hand for a first response to everyday incidents.

    For People

    Equestrians always seem to have a bump, bruise or graze somewhere, which is why we added First Aid Plus to our People range. This remedy is suitable for humans of all ages, including children. With a 2-year shelf life, it’s a great addition to your first aid kit.

    Minor Cuts & Wounds

    Keeping an open wound clean, covered and free from dirt and debris that can cause infection is important. A thin layer of a natural healing agent like honey or aloe vera gel can also be helpful as it keeps the wound moist which promotes healing. Resisting the urge to pick or scratch at scabs is a must too – a challenge for humans and even more so for horses!

    For horses

    It’s tricky to keep open wounds on animals clean and dry, which leaves horses prone to bacteria entering the wound and setting up infection. While we have specific remedies to help with Mud Fever and Rain Scald and the effects of sun damage, our Wound Healing Tonic is a good remedy to keep handy for minor cuts, wounds or instances of cracked skin. All these remedies are dosed orally to promote healing without the need to touch sensitive areas – so there’s no stress, no mess and no irritation.

    Scars and Scar Tissue

    Managing and reducing scars and scar tissue takes a combination of time, patience and consistent care. Gently massaging the scar with moisturiser or oil for a few minutes several times a day can help to break down the dense bands of collagen that form scar tissue. UV rays can cause scars to darken and become more noticeable, so keeping them out of the sun by covering them or using a high SPF sunscreen is important. You can also use topical solutions such as Aloe Vera and vitamin E oils and creams.

    For horses

    Scar tissue can be more than unsightly, it can also restrict a horse’s movement. Frequent topical application and massage of a scar isn’t always possible, which is why we’ve created Scars Plus – Equine. Dosing is done via the water trough, on feed or a treat, so there’s no need to touch sensitive areas, making it easy to use.

    For People

    We also make Scars Plus for people who need assistance with new or old scars that are unsightly or causing restriction. This homeopathic preparation comes in a base of either sweet glycerine or alcohol and purified water.


    Warts aren’t harmful, but they can be persistent and appear in uncomfortable or annoying places, such as the soles of feet or eyelids. The internet is full of ways to manage warts naturally – from starving them of oxygen by covering them with duct tape, to rubbing the wart with the inside of a banana peel every night before bed until the wart is gone. Some of these methods may be helpful, but if you’re looking for an easy way to manage warts naturally, give our remedy a try.

    For horses and pets

    Warts on younger animals will often clear up on their own as the immune system develops, however if the warts are in unhelpful areas, then we recommend using this remedy. Both our Warts Plus Equine and Warts Plus Pet remedies are dosed orally, so there’s no need for topical applications making this remedy easy to use on horses, dogs and even cats! This remedy can take four weeks or more to deliver results.

    For Livestock

    Livestock can be dosed individually using our pump bottle Warts Plus Livestock formulation, or dosed at a herd level by adding remedy from our Jerry Cans to the water trough. This remedy has no withholding period.

    For People

    This is another remedy where we’ve created a formulation for people. It’s an oral remedy which makes it easy to give to children, particularly if you choose a sweet glycerine base. It can take four weeks or so for this remedy to take effect, so please be patient!


    Ringworm thrives in moist environments, so ensuring animals have a living space and bedding that is dry and clean is important. Regularly cleaning bedding and grooming tools can also help to prevent the spread of ringworm to other animals. Strengthening the immune system can also help with fungal infections like ringworm, and that’s where our remedies come in.

    For horses, pets and pigs

    Our Ringworm Plus Equine, Ringworm Plus Pet and Ringworm Plus Pigs remedies promote a normal immune response to this itchy and annoying fungal infection. Unlike most of our other remedies, Ringworm plus cannot be dosed via the water trough. Instead it should be added to feed using our Jerry Can remedy, or dosed directly into the mouth using our handy pump bottle formulation.

    Eczema & Itchy Skin in animals

    The most recommended ways to manage these skin conditions for animals is through changes to diet, constant washing of bedding, reducing exposure to chemicals and allergens, or topical application of creams and shampoos to reduce itchiness and keep the skin moisturised.

    For Cats

    Eczema in cats can often be triggered by additives in the diet or chemicals and materials in your home. A coat that is oily to the touch, an animal that is constantly and intensely scratching, and the appearance of scabs or ‘dandruff’ can be signs your cat has eczema. Our Eczema – Feline remedy assists with a normal immune response, and dosing via the water bowl or on food means no need to apply topical creams or – worse still – have to bath your cat!

    For Dogs

    There are lots of different reasons why your dog might be itchy, and knowing the cause is the first step to figuring out how to manage the issue. For tips on how to identify what’s making your dog itch, read this blog post.

    For Horses

    There are so many reasons for skin conditions that often it can be hard to tell what the issue is, which can also make it tricky to know that you are using the right treatment. That’s why we’ve written a blog post on how to identify and manage common skin conditions in horses.

    For Livestock

    Facial Eczema in livestock is caused by a fungus that grows on plants, particularly perennial ryegrass pasture. Moving livestock into the shade and removing pasture from their diet are some ways to manage this condition. You could also try our Facial Eczema remedy for livestock. This remedy can be dosed via the water trough making it easy to keep the whole herd dosed. Dosing can also be started early in the season to help with prevention.

    Psoriasis in People

    The cause of this condition is still largely unknown, but research suggests it can be due to the immune system producing infection-fighting cells that start attacking healthy skin cells by mistake. What triggers this is also still unknown – stress, diet, genetics, contact with chemicals, or vitamin deficiencies have all been suggested. Exposure to sunlight can help, which is why some people report an easing of symptoms during the summer months.

    Our Psoriasis Plus remedy for people is professionally formulated to assist with a natural immune response to psoriasis. It’s taken orally to promote healing from the inside out. While completely natural and safe, the use of essential oils may interfere with this remedy so we recommend stopping their use while using Psoriasis Plus.

    Athletes Foot for People

    Athletes Foot, also known as tinea, is another itchy and annoying skin condition. Our Athletes Foot Plus remedy assists with a normal immune response to this and other mild fungal infections.

    More from our range

    Our range of natural remedies offers natural ways to manage wounds, warts, and skin conditions in both humans and animals. From bumps and bruises to more persistent issues like eczema and ringworm, our homeopathic preparations are formulated to support the body's normal immune response. Whether you're caring for horses, cats, dogs, cattle, sheep, pigs or yourself, we’ve got a gentle, natural remedy that can help with providing care for your loved ones, both two-legged and four-legged.


    General Disclaimer

    Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets, and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.

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