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  • 24 Natural Remedies We Think You Should Know About

    by Fiona Lane March 22, 2023

    24 Natural Remedies We Think You Should Know About
    There are lots of our natural remedies we’re not allowed to talk about on social media or promote on search engines - usually because of the way we’ve named the remedy (read on and you’ll see what we mean 🤣) or the condition the remedy is used for. And while these remedies aren’t our best sellers or most reviewed products, they are loved by those who know about them. So here are 24 of our natural remedies that we think you should know about too!

    Bottoms & Bits

    For human bottoms, our Haemorrhoids Plus remedy is quite popular with people who need relief from the discomfort of what is more commonly called piles. This nifty little remedy is also quite useful for managing varicose veins.

    For dogs’ bottoms, there’s our Anal Glands Plus which helps to relieve congestion of the glands around the anus. If you have a dog that’s scooting on the carpet, licking its bottom a lot or leaking fluid that is stinky or pungent – then this remedy is for them.

    Our Thrush – Vaginal for people is another great remedy that – because of the name – we often can’t talk about 🤭. This natural remedy assists with a normal immune response to the itch and irritation of vaginal thrush – but is definitely not to be confused with our Thrush Plus -  Equine for horses who more typically get thrush infections in their hooves.

    PMS & Menopause

    If you’re one of the many women who experience irritability, mood swings, bloating, skin blemishes, tenderness or cramps as part of your normal monthly cycle, then our PMS Plus remedy is for you. It’s 100% natural and comes in a handy pump bottle format so you can always keep it with you.

    If your done with PMS only to find peri-Menopause isn’t any better, then try our Hot Flashes Plus. This homeopathic remedy is formulated to support those experiencing hot flushes, night sweats, irritability and broken sleep, and is safe to use alongside prescription medicines.

    We make a whole range of remedies for those experiencing more specific symptoms such as sleeplessness, minor bladder weakness and low libido in both men and women. Read more about them here!

    Digestion & Tummy Trouble

    If you’re a horse owner, you’ll know how distressing and serious colic can be. Our Colic Aid – Equine remedy is professionally formulated to assist horses experiencing discomfort and abdominal spasms. Lots of our customers tell us they keep a bottle of this in the shed to provide support until their vet arrives.

    While colic in babies isn’t quite so serious, it is just as distressing. Our Colic Plus – Baby is a sweet tasting remedy that can be dosed straight onto their tongue to help with easing discomfort. And for the sleep deprived Mums & Dads of colicky babies, there’s our Sleep Plus remedy which can help with getting back to sleep when woken during the night.

    For grownups that experience minor stomach and bowel upsets, there’s our 100% natural Tummy Troubles – People remedy. And if you have a cat or dog that experiences either diarrhoea or constipation, we’ve got that covered too. Diarrhoea – Pets is professionally formulated to assist with getting things back to normal, while our Constipation – Pets remedy can be used in situations where things need moving along. In both instances, if symptoms are serious or prolonged, we recommend seeing your vet.

    Smoking & Drinking

    Our Smoking Support Plus remedy is most definitely a best kept secret! While we’re not able to talk about it on social media, we know it has helped some customers kick the habit. This remedy contains two formulations – the first desensitises to the addictive chemicals in cigarettes while the second targets withdrawal symptoms.

    We also make a remedy called Hangover Plus for people who may from time-to-time overindulge, resulting in symptoms like nausea, headache, muscle cramps or sensitivity to noise, bright lights or certain smells. While there are no reviews on this product, we know what a welcome friend this remedy can be (not naming names of course!).

    Toes & Nails

    It’s quite common for dogs to get interdigital cysts in tissue between the toes, usually on their front paws. These cysts can be caused by mites, ingrown hairs or allergies and often lead to a deep infection below the skin. Our Toe Cysts – Dogs remedy can assist with a healthy immune response to this issue.

    While we humans don’t get toe cysts, we do suffer from ingrown nails. Starting on our Ingrown Nails – People remedy as soon as that familiar twinge is felt can provide relief from discomfort.

    Immunity& Stress

    Our Vaccination Support remedy for people is suitable for all ages, including babies who need support through their childhood vaccinations. It’s 100% natural and professionally formulated to provide immune system support. We also make a Vaccination Support remedy for cats and dogs who are needing to be vaccinated.

    For people who have been unwell with a virus or bacterial infection and are experiencing acute fatigue or weariness, try our Fatigue Plus remedy. We created this remedy to support the team here at Hippo HQ, and they loved it so much we’ve added it to our online store!

    We make lots of remedies to help horses, pets and people with stress, but if you’re one of the unlucky ones that gets those annoying stress-related mouth ulcers, our Mouth Ulcers Plus for people is for you!


    You may be wondering how homeopathic remedies can help with teeth? Well, here goes!

    Our Teething Plus remedy is for infants experiencing tender gums and irritability while new teeth come through, while our Dental First Aid – People is for adults who need support managing minor dental discomfort following a root canal or extraction, or need temporary relief from a cracked tooth, decay or general toothache while waiting to see a dental health professional.

    We also make our Dental First Aid remedy for cats and dogs that are experiencing mild toothache or damaged teeth from chewing bones or hard objects. Or there’s our BioPet Dental to assist with softening tartar and promoting gum health and fresh breath.

    So now you know!

    We hope you’ll take a look around our store to see what else you can find – because we make over 200 remedies for horses, livestock, chickens & other birds, fish, rabbits, dogs, cats and people!


    General Disclaimer

    Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets, people and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are using our People Range remedies and symptoms are persisting, please contact your health care professional. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian. 


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