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Anxious Pet? Seven Natural Remedies To Try.

by Fiona Lane January 16, 2023

Anxious Pet? Seven Natural Remedies To Try.

They may not go to work or pay the mortgage, but there’s still plenty that can make our pets anxious. Storms, fireworks, changes to their living arrangements or just the natural process of getting older can all cause stress-related behavioural changes in our much-loved cats and dogs. If you’ve got an anxious pet, we’ve got seven natural remedies to try. But first…

What makes pets anxious?

For some, it’s just part of who they are, while for others the cause is more identifiable.

Change can make pets anxious. Moving to a new home, getting used to a new pet or family member or grieving the loss of a companion pet or family member can be as stressful for cats and dogs as it is for humans.

Getting older and ill health can also cause anxiety - for cats who feel less confident defending their territory against newcomers, for dogs who may be struggling to keep up with their ‘pack’, and for any pet being managed through end-of-life care.

Anxiety can also be caused by specific situations, such as fireworks, thunderstorms, trips to the vet, stays at the cattery or kennel or feelings of loneliness while their humans are away.

Signs a cat or dog might be anxious

Knowing how a pet behaves when relaxed will make it easier to identify when they are feeling anxious. Changes in behaviour such as pacing, restlessness, hiding or cowering, excessive meowing or barking or over-grooming can all be anxiety-related, as can changes in appetite or sleep patterns.

Chewing Paws

For dogs, constant and intense chewing and licking of the front paws, sometimes called a psychogenic itch - can be a sign of anxiety. It’s a bit like humans chewing their nails! Our Chewing Paws remedy is specifically formulated to support dogs with this disorder. However, if a dog is intensely chewing or licking all four paws – particularly during spring or summer – then a contact allergy could be the cause, in which case our BioPet Grasses remedy might be what is needed.

Separation and loneliness

Being left alone or separated from their humans – even for a short time - can make pets anxious. Having familiar smells and toys around can be helpful, especially during a cattery or kennel stay, so sending them off with a piece of your recently worn or slept in clothing could provide some comfort.

There’s also our BioPet Feeling Lonely remedy. It’s formulated to support cats and dogs who are experiencing feelings of grief, separation, or abandonment. It’s also useful for animals that are leaving their littermates, being rehomed, or needing to cope with the loss of a family member or animal companion.

Like most of our remedies, BioPet Feeling Lonely can be added to a water bowl or on to food, so it’s easy for a kennel manager or house sitter to administer regular doses.

Fireworks, storms and panic attacks

Loud and sudden noises are always frightening, but for some animals they can cause severe stress and panic. During fireworks or storms, keeping pets inside with the TV on or music playing can help to make outside noises less noticeable.

Our Fireworks Angel for pets could also help, especially if you can’t be home. By adding this remedy to their water bowl, they’ll get a top-up dose every time they take a drink, so you can relax knowing that they’ll be supported even when you can’t be there.

(If you already use our Fireworks Angel for Horses, it’s important to know that this remedy will be too strong for smaller animals such as cats and dogs.)

We also make BioPet Courage for animals that experience more severe panic attacks and anxious trembling. This remedy can only be given once symptoms are present, so rather than adding to the water bowl, it should only be given on a treat or pumped onto a finger then dabbed onto their lips or gums.


For pets that are being bullied, try our everyday calming remedy BioPet Relax. For pets that are doing the bullying, try our Bullying Plus remedy. It supports a healthy immune response in animals exhibiting overly dominant or aggressive behaviour. If the behaviour persists or is severe, we recommend consulting a reputable animal behaviourist.

Oversexed dogs

While mounting and humping are quite normal behaviours for a dog, if it’s happening excessively, it’s usually either a behavioural issue related to an exaggerated sex drive or – in rarer cases – a health issue that needs to be assessed by a vet. Try dosing with our Oversexed Pet remedy but if the excessive behaviour persists, we recommend a trip to the vet.

Old age, low mood and general anxiety

Our BioPet Relax  is one of our most popular remedies. It’s an everyday calming supplement for animals with milder symptoms of anxiety or those who just need a little ‘pick-me-up’. This remedy is useful for cats or dogs that are ‘skittish’ or timid, getting on in years and needing a bit of pep, facing health issues or end of life care, or just need the edge taken off so they don’t get up to so much mischief when their humans aren’t home!

Calming remedies for horses and people

If you feel like you could do with some calming remedies for yourself, you’re in luck! Take a look at our Calm Plus, Hangover Plus and Sleep Plus remedies for people.

For equestrians, we make a range of remedies to help with surviving the stresses and strains of show season, and there’s also our best-selling range of calming remedies for horses.


General Disclaimer

Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets, and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.


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