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Fatigue Plus

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Fatigue Plus is professionally formulated for use during periods of acute fatigue and weariness such as when unwell with a virus or bacterial infection.

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* Oral drops available in sweet glycerine base or alcohol base.
* Safe, non-toxic ingredients
* Safe to use alongside prescription medications
* Non-addictive
* Competition safe (not swab-able)
* Gluten and Dairy free
* All remedies have a shelf life of 2 years



Initially, take 2 pumps orally, onto the tongue, every ½ hour for 4 doses as a loading dose, then reduce to dosing 2-6 times a day, as needed. Stop dosing once better.
Remedies are dispensed in a 50ml or 90ml food grade aluminium bottle with a hygienic serum pump lid with over-cap.
A dose consists of 2 pumps of remedy onto the tongue.
50ml bottle = 130 doses
90ml bottle = 230 doses

Choice of Flavour. The remedies base can be made from either vegetable glycerine & purified water or alcohol & purified water (select base at checkout)

Made in New Zealand. 100% Natural and Non-toxic. Homeopathic Preparation.

Contains equal parts of: Calc-mag, Calc-phos, Camph, Gelsemium