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  • Natural Winter Wellbeing Tips for Horses, Pets (and People).

    by Fiona Lane July 11, 2023

    Natural Winter Wellbeing Tips for Horses, Pets & People from Hippo Health

    As the temperature drops and the rain sets in, winter wellbeing becomes a priority. Here at Hippo Health we’re all about natural and affordable ways to manage common winter ailments for horses, pets and people. Whether it’s stiff joints, low immunity or poor condition, we know that finding the cause behind any symptom or discomfort is essential to providing effective care. Here are some tips for easy and affordable ways to manage some common winter ailments.


    Recognising the signs of discomfort in horses and pets can be challenging, however there are some indicators to watch out for:

    Changes in mobility

    Watch for stiffness, a reluctance to move or difficulty in performing usual activities such as running, jumping, climbing stairs or getting in and out of the float or car.

    Altered behaviour 

    Discomfort can make people grumpy and our horses and pets are no different. If your animal is unusually irritable, restless, is vocalising more than usual or their eating and drinking habits have changed, then further investigation is recommended.

    Limping or favouring certain limbs

    If you notice this in your horse or pet, then there could be an issue with one or more of their legs, hooves or feet.

    Decreased energy levels

    We all feel more sluggish in the winter, but if your horse or pet seems unusually lethargic, lacking enthusiasm or seems to be significantly less active than you’d expect, there may be an issue that needs resolving.


    One or more of these could indicate your horse or pet (or maybe even a favourite human) is experiencing seasonal discomfort. There are lots of natural methods you can use to support them through the winter months – although if their issues are ongoing or you have serious concerns, please do talk to your vet (or doctor)

    Provide warmth

    Ensuring your horse has access to shelter during the worst of the weather and providing a good quality winter blanket can help. For pets and people, a warm and cozy bed and a heated blanket can make all the difference.

    Change the exercise routine

    Lower impact exercise can help lessen the impact on stiff and sore joints. For horses some gentle in-hand walking before mounting up can give the muscles time to get warm. Dogs may need shorter but more frequent walks with extra time to stop and sniff. 

    Make things a little easier

    Older animals may find it harder to bend when feeding or drinking so putting their food and water source a bit higher off the ground can help. If your dog is struggling to get in and out of the car and is too heavy to lift, a simple ramp can make both your life and theirs a little easier!

    Keep an eye on diet

    Opt for food rich in essential minerals and nutrients. For horses, giving extra hay can help as the fermentation of the hay as it is digested can help with maintaining body temperature. It can also be helpful to ensure the water you provide in the stable or at home in the water bowl isn’t too cold.

    Use affordable natural remedies

    We make a whole range of affordable remedies including those that can support joint health and mobility, liver and kidney health and keeping condition on over the cold winter months. 


    Keep reading to find out about our range of remedies for supporting winter health, including a few that can help people too!

    Stiff and sore joints

    For horses

    Try Joints Plus - Equine. It’s professionally formulated to support older animals and is safe for long term use.

    For pets

    We make a similar remedy for smaller animals. It’s called BioPet Joints, and is formulated to support a normal immune response to arthritic inflammation and stiffness by targeting the calcification within arthritic joints. We also make a remedy called Weak Hind Legs for animals who are experiencing weakness in their hindquarters.

    For people

    If you experience general stiffness and soreness, try our Joints Plus – People. If you can pinpoint your stiffness to a particular area, then you might benefit from using our Knees Plus, our Backs Plus or our Hips Plus – People. When ordering the Hips Plus remedy, let us know how bad your pain is on a scale of 1-10 so we can customise this remedy to your needs.

    General health and wellbeing

    For horses

    Our Liver Plus – Equine is for horses that need general support with healthy liver function. By supporting the liver you are benefiting the immune system.

    For pets

    Our Kidney & Liver Health remedy can support improved organ function and is particularly useful for older cats. If you’re stuck inside with a gassy dog, then BioPet Gastric could be a welcome companion.

    For people

    A little help with immunity can go a long way to keep winter ills at bay. Try our Immune System Plus – People or if you’re recovering from a bug, our Fatigue Plus can help you to get back on your feet.

    Loss of condition

    For horses

    If your horse is losing condition despite taking supplements, the problem might be related to gut health. Our Conditioning Tonic supports the uptake of vitamins and minerals from a normal healthy diet, which in turn promotes weight gain.

    For pets

    Our Conditioning Tonic – Pets remedy supports the uptake of minerals and vitamins from the food your pet is already eating to assist with building condition, and healthy bones, teeth and coats.

    Lack of appetite

    For horses

    For a lack of appetite due to low mood, rehabilitation or palliative care, try our Appetite Plus – Equine

    For pets

    For smaller animals experiencing minor loss of appetite due to illness or old age, try our Appetite Plus – Pets

    For People

    We haven’t had a lot of requests for a remedy to stimulate appetite in people, but if it’s something you’d find useful please do let us know!

    Old age

    For horses

    Our Conditioning Tonic supports older horses who are struggling to keep condition on, particularly in the winter months. For those heading towards the end of their years, Chilled Out Horse can help with feelings of anxiety, particularly while going through palliative care.

    For pets

    Needing support with the challenges of getting older, try our Senior Drops – Pets. This remedy supports a range of age-related complaints such as stiff and sore joints; kidney, liver and heart function and the uptake of vitamins and minerals from their diet. For more info, read our blog post on helping senior pets live their best lives.

    For people

    We’re still working on finding the elixir of youth, but in the meantime, we hope you’ll find our remedies for Menopause, bladder tone, haemorrhoids and low libido for both men and women. You can read more about these remedies here in this blog post.

    When it comes to managing winter aches and discomfort, we’ve got you covered. Our remedies are professionally formulated to be affordable, practical and easy to incorporate into your daily care routine.


    General Disclaimer

    Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian. If you are using our People Range remedies and symptoms are persisting, please contact your health care professional.

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