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Winter Horse Health: Natural Remedies for Hoof Abscesses and Mud Fever

by Fiona Lane April 18, 2023

Winter Horse Health: Natural Remedies for Hoof Abscesses and Mud Fever

Winter with it's harsh weather can be a challenging season for horses and their owners. Wet, muddy conditions can result in conditions like hoof abscesses and Mud Fever that can be both painful and debilitating, while more time inside and changes to routine and feed can lead to behavioural issues and poor condition.


Preventing Winter Ailments

Making sure your horse is in top condition leading into the winter months is important, and a good place to start is with a healthy liver. In horses, the liver performs more physiological functions than any other organ in the body, so a poorly functioning liver can cause a range of ailments including weight loss, skin damage and diarrhea.

Supporting immunity through a healthy liver

Good quality feed rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals is important, along with regular exercise to promote circulation and clean, stress-free winter living conditions can all help.

You could also try our Liver Plus – Equine remedy. It’s 100% natural, safe for long-term use and can be used alongside any veterinary prescribed medications. This remedy takes around three weeks to take effect, so starting in the Autumn is recommended.

Some horses may need an extra help to keep condition on over winter due to a fast metabolism, their age or poorer grazing quality. Our Conditioning Tonic helps horses get the best out of their feed by promoting a healthy gut and efficient uptake of nutrients from their normal diet.

Managing Hoof Health

Wet and muddy winter conditions can soften the hoof wall and sole making them susceptible to cracks and chips. While most are superficial and will heal quickly, they can be an open door for bacteria to get in and set up infection.

A lot of owners use supplements to try to improve hoof health, however if your horse already has a healthy diet, it’s likely they’re getting all the vitamins and minerals they need, and that it is their gut health that is the issue. Our Healthy Hooves supports a healthy gut and digestive tract that can readily absorb vitamins and minerals already present in the diet. This remedy can also be used for horses with seedy toe and white line disease.

Preventing and managing hoof abscesses

Hoof abscesses aren’t just painful, they’re distressing for both horse and owner, especially if you have a horse that seems to get them one after the other. Here at Hippo HQ we take a two-step approach to hoof abscesses. When it comes to prevention, keeping hooves free from the cracks and chips that let bacteria in is key, and that’s where our Healthy Hooves remedy comes in.

If an abscess does form, it’s time to start dosing with our Abscess Plus remedy. This 100% natural remedy is formulated to provide support from the inside out to promote the safe venting and drainage of abscesses. If a foreign object buried inside the tissue has caused the abscess, our remedy can help with drawing the offending object out.

More tips on hoof health

We’ve got a whole range of remedies to support hoof health, or you can read our blog on other common hoof conditions and how to manage them.

Mud Fever prevention and management

Every year we speak with distressed owners of horses with Mud Fever. They often send us photos and tell us about having to scrape off scabs and apply creams and bandages – all of which can be painful and stressful for the horse, and downright dangerous for those managing the treatment.

Thankfully they also send us ‘after’ photos showing how their horse has healed while using our groundbreaking and 100% natural no pain, no stress and no mess remedy.

Mud & Rain is an oral remedy that supports a normal immune response to the Dermatophilus congolensis bacteria which is the most common cause of Mud Fever (also referred to as Greasy Heel or Scratches). The remedy is dosed straight into the mouth (most horses love the sweet taste), given on feed or can be added to the water trough – which is a very cost-effective way to dose your whole herd. Oral dosing also means there's no need to touch sore and sensitive legs. Find out more about how oral dosing works.

For horses prone to Mud Fever we recommend dosing once a week as soon as the seasons change, signalling the start of wetter and muddier conditions. From then on, keep an eye on the horses legs and at the first sign of any trouble, increase the dosing frequency for 7-10 days.

Read our guide to prevention and management of Mud Fever for more information – and to see before and after photos from some of our customers. Or head to our product page to read over 150 customer reviews!

More winter remedies for horses

We’ve got a whole range of remedies to help keep horses in tip top shape over the winter months, including our Joints Plus for stiffness and our best selling Chilled Out Horse for those needing support through the winter blues.


General Disclaimer

Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets, and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.



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