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Customers share photos before and after using our oral Mud Fever remedy

by Fiona Lane May 22, 2023

Customers share photos before and after using our oral Mud Fever remedy

When we tell people our remedy supports a natural immune response that helps with healing from the inside out, they're often sceptical. After all, how can adding an oral remedy to the water trough help with managing Mud Fever, Greasy Heel and Rain Scald without messy creams and bandages or the stress of scraping scabs? It sounds way too easy, right?

So we thought we'd share a few before and after photos and testimonials sent to us by customers impressed with the results they’ve experienced while using our oral Mud & Rain remedy, and with the no mess, no stress and no sting alternative it offers.

Just a warning, that you may find some of the before photos distressing.We know we did, however it’s hard to show you the results our customers have experienced without including them.

"I've been so excited to share the before and after photos with you!" 

Horse with Rain Scald uses Mud & Rain remedy - before and after photos

"My three-year-old TB came to me with rain scald on all four of his white socks and voila, after three months he has gorgeous wee white legs that look nothing like they did in Jan! 

At first they appeared to be like "burns" and we opted for the "photo sensitivity tonic". With great success after around 8 weeks, the burns around the heel bulb subsided, and we were left with the rain scald on the sides of his legs. I was absolutely stoked! 

We then moved onto "Mud and Rain" where slowly his scabs dried up, dropped off and revealed healthy skin with fabulous hair growth underneath! 

I'm happy to say now, we have just a few scabs left to drop, then we will go down to the maintenance dose! Whoop whoop...” Savannah S & Zach

"Our pony had very bad mud rash on her nose"

Julia's horse Birdie had nasty mud rash on her nose. Before and after photos show how Mud & Rain remedy helped.

“Amaaaaaazing!!!! I was skeptical at first, however I read online about heaps of people recommending this product. Our pony had a very bad mud rash on her nose and was refusing to let us apply creams on her face so this was our last ditch effort. Two weeks later and it was all cleared up with no distress to her at all. The scabs were just falling out on their own. I HIGHLY recommend this product and will be sticking with this from now on.” Julia G & Birdie

"Happy and scab free after three weeks"

NuNu the horse with Greasy Heel before and after using Hippo Health's Mud & Rain remedy

“Thank you!!!!!! NuNu has gone from three-legged lam with a hot swollen, scabby leg that EVERYTHING I tried just made worse, to sound, happy and scab free after 3 weeks. Scabs are just falling off. It must also taste pretty darn good too as he is the worst to get stuff in his mouth, and he literally snatches the bottles trying to get more! I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical but I’m very impressed and very happy!! Thanks!!” Leanne J & NuNu

"Alot easier than some routines I've heard"

Amy's horse with Mud Fever before and after using Hippo Health Mud & Rain remedy

“This is my second purchase of Mud & Rain, after an unusual amount of rainfall this summer (and humidity!). The first bottle I bought had lasted over a year as I was using it as a preventative every other day through the winter. My mare hates me picking at her scabs, so this is the perfect solution – not to mention a lot easier than some routines I’ve heard! Within 7-10 days scabs were drying and falling off. Easy as. Highly recommend!!!” Amy H

"You can see the massive improvement"

Polly M's 28 year old mare has had Mud Fever for 10 years. Before and after photos - 10 weeks on Hippo Health Mud & Rain remedy

“My 28-year-old mare has had Mud Fever for at least 4 years, and I have literally spent thousands of dollars on treatments both oral and topical but it never quite goes away and then it’s back with a vengeance. She’s been on Mud & Rain now for about 10 weeks and you can see the massive improvement. I’m so excited.” Polly M

Before and after using Mud & Rain

Hope B's horse with Mud Fever - before and after images using Hippo Health Mud & Rain

Images provided by Hope B

Samarra W's horse had Mud Fever - before and after photos using HIppo Health Mud & Rain remedy

Images provided by Samarra W

Shani's horse had Mud Fever - before and after photos using Hippo Health Mud & Rain remedy

Images provided by Shani

Karina M's horse had Mud Fever - before and after photos using Hippo Health Mud & Rain remedy

Images provided by Karina M

More testimonials from customers who have used our Mud & Rain remedy

Anita Hay used Mud & Rain and said "absolutely the best product I have ever seen in 45 years with horses."

Catherine M Mud & Rain testimonial: Amazing! Louis' mud fever has almost gone after years of trying different products.

Karen G says "Highly recommend. Best product I've used for mud fever / greasy heel".

Michelle H said Mud & Rain is a "Fantastic product. Super easy to use".

So it's not just us that thinks our Mud & Rain remedy is special! If you'd like to know more (and read even more reviews) head to our product page or read our guide to preventing and managing Mud Fever

Wishing you and your horses a pain free, stress free and mess free Winter!


General Disclaimer

Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets, and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.


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