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  • SOL Plus Sun Management FAQs

    by Hippo Health Admin April 22, 2020

    SOL Plus Sun Management FAQs

    I'm interested in your SOL Plus product for sun management.  It is oral...how does it work?

    An oral sunburn product may seem like an unusual concept - "how can something you swallow affect whether or not you get sunburnt?" - until you consider the fact that some antibiotic pills like tetracycline cause people to be more susceptible to sunburn. Our formulation has the reverse effect. 

    Exactly how the ingredients in Sol Plus achieve the results seen in our customer’s before and after pictures, is yet to be fully explained but current hypothesis focus on the mechanism creating a biochemical effect that causes the damaging UV rays to convert into infra-red rays, but research is still ongoing.

    Does SOL Plus work on Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Cattle, as well as Horses?

    Sol Plus - Livestock is used successfully by farmers for their white faced cattle, and pink skinned livestock such as pigs. Pet owners use it on their white coated dogs and cats (have you ever tried putting sunscreen on a cat's ears!). It is a very simple and economical way to assist your animals with sun management. Simply add Sol Plus to their drinking water twice a week. 

    Does SOL Plus work on People?

    On a daily basis our team at Hippo is asked whether it works for people too. Logically we would like to say ‘of course’ but because we don’t have clinical trials for people, our official stance is that we don’t sell or market it as a people sunscreen. We suspect there are a lot of people unofficially helping themselves to their horse’s bottles of Sol Plus and we welcome any feedback.

    Does SOL Plus work instantly?

    No, we recommend people continue with their usual sun management regime for a week after starting Sol Plus so that the effect can kick in. Then try your horse or pet in the sun for a couple of hours and check the following day for any sign of sunburn before assuming Sol Plus is doing its job.

    Fun Fact - Have you ever seen a sunburnt Hippo?

    Have you ever seen a sunburnt hippo? Hippos are amazing creatures, they produce their own very effective sunblock! 

    Hippos release an oil like substance called Hippo nor-sudoric acid from a gland behind their ears. This substance contains a lubricant to make it rapidly transfer across the hippo’s skin, it also contains a unique chemical formulation that acts a sub-molecular level to create dark bands of proteins in each cell that arrange themselves in almost exactly the same pattern as found in UV rays, causing the UV rays to hit these bands and refract away from the skin, acting as a chemical deflection shield. Pretty smart huh?

    At this point I would like to assure readers that Hippo Health’s Sol Plus does not contain hippo sweat, rather it is a 100% homeopathic formulation that has been refined by Hippo Health's research team over many years.

    Does this product come with a guarantee?

    Like all Hippo Health products, Sol Plus comes with a money back guarantee for anyone not pleased with the results.

    Where do I buy Sol Plus?

    To buy Sol Plus for horses please click on this link: Sol Plus product page

    General Disclaimer

    Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets, and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.



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