Cats Spring into Spring

Spring is here and the pineal gland in a cat's brain is alerting them to the days becoming longer, which in turn tells them to re-establish their territory in time for breeding season. Fighting for your territory is all very well for the strapping young Tom Cat down the road, but for your average moggie and in particular a more elderly, less mobile feline, this can be the most stressful time of year. 

As a health practitioner we see the knock on effect of this stress on our feline clients - a significant surge in cases of kidney failure, hair pulling or other compulsive behaviours, eating problems and episodes of ill health. 

To help your cat during feline 'silly season', you can be vigilant about securing cat doors - if you have aggressive cats invading your home, and consider keeping your more vulnerable cats indoors at night to reduce the likelihood of them being caught up in a skirmish. 

From a natural medicine perspective, we highly recommend adding Hippo's Kidney and Liver drops to the water dish or food bowl of any cat over 8 years (as obligate carnivores, kidneys are a cat's physiological weak point) and, or a product like BioPet Relax which you can order from or buy from a local pet store if you are in NZ. By reducing stress you can often improve your cat's overall health.

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