Get Ready For Show Season - 6 Natural Remedies for Horses & Riders

by Fiona Lane October 05, 2021

Get Ready For Show Season - 6 Natural Remedies for Horses & Riders

We love the excitement of show season, but there’s always so much to do to get both our horses and ourselves ready for the physical and emotional demands of Show Days. Being well prepared is the key to success, so here are six natural remedies from our Horse & Rider ranges that can help with the stress, the pressure and all of that travelling!

Remedies for horses

These three bestselling remedies can help your horse look and feel their best on Show Day!

Keeping your horse calm

Some horses find the hustle and bustle of shows and big events overwhelming. Loudspeakers, flapping flags and lots of unfamiliar sights and smells can all add up to sensory overload and anxiety that affects performance. Exactly what you don’t want when it’s show time!

Our Show Calm remedy is formulated especially for these situations. It can be given in a water bucket, on feed or on a treat before symptoms occur to help avoid the buildup of stress from being in new surroundings. Show Calm is similar to our popular Chilled Out Horse remedy, it’s non-sedating and the formula is tweaked to offer extra support when horses are away from home.

Like all our remedies, Show Calm is Competition and Racing safe, isn’t swab-able and is safe to use alongside Vet care products.

Helping your horse look its best

A shiny healthy coat is key to your horse looking its best on show day! Our Show Coat remedy works from the inside out targeting the development of hair through its full 3-4 week cycle, to produce a gleam that turns heads. We recommend starting dosing well before Show Day, allowing at least a month to see the change.

Like most of our remedies, Show Coat is dosed orally by adding our remedy to the water trough or on feed, for which you will need a jerry can, or on a treat using our handy 90ml pump bottles.

Travelling with horses

Travelling with horses certainly isn’t for the faint hearted – and there’s no avoiding it during show season. Making sure your horse has hay, is well hydrated and isn’t too hot or cold can help to make trips uneventful. For some horses it’s the loading and unloading that causes all the stress and for others it’s the motion.

Practicing loading and unloading and going on short trips are good ideas, but for horses that are still stressed or anxious, our Easy Traveller remedy can help. It’s professionally formulated to support a healthy immune response to stress without sedation. It’s easy to dose through the water trough or on feed, starting the day before travel, or given directly into the mouth or on a treat just before loading or unloading. Our 90ml pump bottles are ideal for taking with you on Show Days and for top up doses when needed.

Remedies for riders

We’re well known for our Equine range, but did you know we make remedies for people too! Our Rider range is specially formulated to help with common issues and ailments those on the show circuit know only too well!

Keeping riders on form

Show Days are physically exhausting, plus there’s the constant battle with dehydration, fatigue and all those niggly muscle strains – a reminder that none of us are getting younger!

Our Stamina Plus remedy from our Rider range is formulated to help with recovery from physical over exertion. It comes in a handy pump bottle so it’s super easy to keep on hand and to take – just a couple of pumps onto your tongue before exertion, then two doses 30 minutes apart once you’ve finished, is all that’s needed.

Getting sleep on the road

Whether it’s from nerves, excitement, discomfort or being in unfamiliar surroundings, getting a good night’s sleep on the road can be difficult. We get lots of great feedback about our Sleep Plus remedy. It’s professionally formulated to help with getting to sleep as well as getting back to sleep for those of us that tend to wake during the night.

Two pumps of Sleep Plus on the tongue half an hour before bed, then another two when going to bed is probably all you will need but make sure you keep your remedy handy for another dose if you wake during the night. This remedy is both dairy free and gluten free – just like all the remedies in our Rider range.

Calming your show nerves

We all know how horses react when they can sense we’re scared or nervous but keeping our nerves under control can be challenging on Show Day! There are two remedies in our Rider range that you might want to check out.

Calm Rider is perfect for those days when you feel a little more stressed or anxious than usual. Like all of our remedies, Calm Rider can be used alongside prescription medicines, is non-addictive and won’t make you feel sleepy.

Braveheart is for those times when show nerves leave you feeling panicked, overwhelmed or fearful. Maybe your heart is racing, your hands are trembling or you just need a boost of courage. This remedy can be taken just before exposure to known triggers, or once symptoms have started. Just take two pumps directly onto the tongue, repeating the dose up to 4 times in a 20-minute period if needed, usually 1 or 2 doses is sufficient. After a couple of hours you may feel it has worn off, in which case simply repeat the Braveheartdosage regime.

More show season support 

We’ve got lots of other remedies for both horses and riders:

Natural Remedies for Horses

Natural Remedies for Riders


Wishing you all a safe and successful show season!

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