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Repel Ticks & Biting Bugs The Natural Way

by Fiona Lane August 30, 2023

Repel ticks and biting bugs that natural way with Ticks Plus oral tick repellent for horses

Bites from ticks, flies and mosquitos do more than annoy horses, they can lead to infected bites, blood loss, allergies and psychological distress. There are lots of methods for repelling ticks – but for horse owners who want to use a natural tick repellent there’s our Ticks Plus. This ground breaking equine tick repellent remedy is 100% natural, easy & economical to use and is both competition and racing safe (non swab-able). Here’s how it works.

How does a natural tick repellent work?

Our Ticks Plus remedy is 100% natural so doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. Instead this groundbreaking remedy subtly changes the natural body odour of a horse in a way that deters ticks but is undetectable to humans and other horses. It can take a week for this remedy to take effect, then dosing can continue through the summer months while biting bugs are an issue.

Is it easy to use?

Dosing is easy – adding 25mls (1oz) of remedy to a 500L (100-gallon) water trough every second day is enough to dose one horse, or a whole herd. The active ingredients spread through the trough using the hydrogen particles in the water, so each horse gets a fresh dose every time they take a drink. It doesn’t matter how much or little your horse drinks because the remedy only needs to come into contact with the tongue, gums or lips to activate.

Is it Competition and Racing safe?

Yes! This remedy is both competition and racing safe so won’t test positive in a swab, urine or blood test

Can Ticks Plus repel other biting bugs? 

Yes. Our Ticks Plus remedy is also formulated to repel mosquitos and midges, and can also work on Buffalo Flies, Stable Flies and Blow Flies. We recommend trough dosing as the most effective method. Horse Flies work a little differently in that they rely on visual cues rather than odour to identify hosts, which means Ticks Plus won’t be effective against these pests.

Can Ticks Plus be used on other animals?

It certainly can, although we do make a specific formulation for both livestock and pets.


We think Ticks Plus is an easy and economical way to manage ticks naturally – and we offer a money back guarantee. However there are other natural methods you can try too.

Keep bushes and grass trimmed

Ticks usually attach to horses as they brush past bushes or graze in long grass. Contrary to popular belief, ticks don’t jump onto passing animals, instead using static electricity to find their hosts. Keeping grass short and shrubs trimmed, especially around fence lines can keep ticks at bay by exposing them to sunlight, and giving them fewer places to wait for animals to pass by.

Introduce natural predators

Introducing chickens and guinea fowl to your property or barn can help to keep ticks and other insect populations in check.

Be vigilant

Checking frequently is essential to make sure you can remove ticks as early as possible. When removing, take care to ensure the head of the tick is removed too, as if it’s left behind it can cause illness. Once removed, it’s important to dispose of the tick properly by putting it in a jar with rubbing alcohol or methylated spirits.

More tips for summer

Need more tips for managing summer ailments? Read our blog post for other ways manage summer ailments including our groundbreaking oral remedy for sun management


General Disclaimer

Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets, and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.


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