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Horse Health Tips for Ticks, Allergies & Sun Management

by Fiona Lane April 17, 2021

4 Ways to Prepare Your Horse for Summer

Summertime withhorses is the best time of the year, especially when you have safe and easy ways to manage ticks, allergies and the effects of summer sun.

At Hippo Health we’ve created natural remedies that we think are game changers - especially our innovative Sol Plus oral remedy for horses that get sunburnt.

Our natural remedies work with the horse’s immune system. They’re sweet tasting which makes them easy to give orally either into the mouth or on a carrot. Customers tell us their horses love the taste! Our remedies can also be added to your horse’s water supply for results that are stress free, sting free and life-changing.

Bugs that Bite – Ticks Plus

Ticks, mosquitos, sandflies and flies can make horses miserable, and it can be difficult to find an effective repellent that is not toxic, easy to use and that works.

Ticks Plus is a game changer. It works by subtly changing the body odour to make the horse unattractive to bugs. (Don’t worry, we humans can’t detect the change!)

Simply add this natural repellent to the water supply every second day. One capful (25mls) is enough for a 500 litre tank regardless of how many horses drink from it, so our 5 litre jerry can holds enough remedy for 400 days of continuous cover – enough to get you through the whole summer!

The remedy takes about a week to start working and there are sometimes a few stragglers trying their luck but the overall numbers reduce significantly.

People often ask about ticks that are already latched on to the horse when dosing begins. We have found that those ticks over the course of a few days, stop feeding because the smell has changed, the lack of food causes them to shrivel up and detach safely, the head doesn’t get left behind.

Our Ticks Plus repellent is used for mosquitos, sandflies and most types of flies including the Australian Buffalo Fly. Unfortunately Ticks Plus does not repel the ‘B52 Fly’ that some states in the US have to deal with but our research team are working on it – we love a challenge at Hippo Health!

Sun Management – Sol Plus

Pink nosed ponies present a real challenge in the Summer months.

In New Zealand and Australia where the sun is fierce we have thousands of horse owners relying on Sol Plus for their horse’s sun management, with even the Paints going ‘nude’!

An oral sun product may sound unscientific until you consider that many prescription medicines such as tetracycline antibiotics and acne medications carry warnings to avoid sunlight as the oral tablets make a person more susceptible to bad sunburns. Similarly, an oral remedy, like Sol Plus can use the same mechanism, in reverse to make horses less susceptible to sunburn.

We think Sol Plus is groundbreaking – dosing twice a day into the mouth or on feed, or in the water supply every second day is all it takes! This remedy does take a week to build up so your regular regime is needed for those first 7 days.

We provide a money back guarantee with all our Hippo Health products and always recommend people monitor their horse’s skin carefully whenever they are exposed to summer sun.


Sweet Itch – Sweet Itch Plus

The itch from a Cullicoides Midge allergy, known as Sweet Itch can be extremely stressful for the horse and the owner with the frantic itching and secondary skin damage. Our Sweet Itch Plus remedy is added to the water supply with the effect building over the first 7 days. It is safe for mares in foal and is completely natural, using remedies to target the itch and the underlying allergy.

Grass Allergies Grass Allergy - Equine

Grass Allergy – Equine is an oral remedy that works with your horse’s immune system to target the over-reaction to innocent grasses that give so many horses unpleasant itching, hives and sneezing. The natural remedies are formulated to desensitize a horse to their grazing environment as well as assisting with relief from symptoms.

 Airborne Allergies Pine & Pollen

When an allergy is affecting the airways, causing coughing and bland clear or white nasal or eye discharges, then the culprit may be airborne pollens from trees in the vicinity. Our Pine & Pollen remedy has helped many horses with minor hayfever symptoms.

More remedies

Those are our most popular remedies for managing horse health over the summer months, but we do lots more as well

All our remedies are designed to be used alongside veterinary medicines and have no toxic side effects –  the only issue is that essential oils will antidote Hippo remedies so should not be used concurrently.

We also have a money back guarantee for all of our remedies.


General Disclaimer

Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets, and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.



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