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How to help your horse bounce back from Show Day

by Fiona Lane October 24, 2023

How to help your horse bounce back from Show Day with Hippo Health 100% natural remedies for horses, riders and equestrians

Whether you and your horse are seasoned competitors or new to the show circuit, there’s nothing like the thrill of show day. But show season is long and full of aches and strains, not to mention the effects constant travel. Thankfully we’ve got a range of natural remedies that can help both you and your horse bounce back from show day.

Exercise-induced Swelling

Hard summer grounds can play havoc with joints and hooves causing some horses to experience fluid retention in their legs after exertion, especially if they are being stabled or yarded. General swelling can be caused by the body struggling to remove the extra blood that flowed into the tissues during exercise. If the swelling is around the joints, this could indicate an excess of synovial fluid being produced as a protective mechanism.

If your horse is prone to exercise-induced swelling, a thorough warm up and cool down routine before intense activity is essential. Our Puffiness Plus remedy can also be used as a preventative or to support your horse once minor swelling is present. To support your horses joints, our Joints Plus – Equine remedy can help those experiencing stiff sore or inflamed joints as a result of exertion during competitions. It can also be used as a preventative, and both are non swab-able.

Muscle Strain & Dehydration

Just like humans, our horses can experience sore and strained muscles and dehydration, especially when competing on unforgiving hard ground under the harsh summer sun. Our natural Sports Recovery remedy for horses provides all round support throughout the season to help prevent issues that can arise from constant jarring and dehydration. We recommend dosing as soon as the season starts to help prevent issues emerging, and continuing until recovery from the last show is complete.

Riders often experience aches and strains during show season, so we make Sports Plus – Athletes too!

Calming Show Day Nerves

Flapping flags, loudspeakers and the strangeness of unfamiliar places can be overwhelming for horses, especially those competing for the first time. We make a whole range of calming remedies for horses, but the one we recommend for those travelling to shows is our Show Calm. This remedy is not swab-able and is formulated to promote calm in horses that get anxious or nervous when away from home. We have other remedies in our calm range for different situations or types of anxiety, so here’s a guide to which calming remedy is right for your horse.

How to dose on Show Day

Our remedies come in two different formats – jerry cans or pump bottle. Jerry cans are designed for trough dosing while pump bottles are for delivering a direct concentrated dose. Pump bottles are also the perfect size for popping in your grooming kit or keeping in your float when you travel. So, can you refill your pump bottle from a jerry can? The short answer is no – and here’s why.

Remedies for Riders

If you also struggle to bounce back from Show Day, then our Rider Care range of remedies is for you! You can also read this blog post to find out more about our top seven remedies to help you survive show season.

More Show Day Remedies for Horses

We also make remedies to help horses look their best on show day, and to help both horses and riders manage the effects of constant travel to and from events. Read more.


General Disclaimer

Always follow dosing instructions. Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets, and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.

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