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Poor Do-er - Livestock

Poor Do-er - Livestock is professionally formulated to support a normal immune response of animals who struggle to thrive.

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Dose 3 ml orally, twice a day for a month, then one dose a week for 2-3 months.


Dose 1 capful (25ml) into the water trough every second day for the first month, then once a week for a further 2-3 months. Dose volume is based on a 500 litre trough.


For dairy cows, we recommend two doses a day. Each dose is 3 sprays on to the vulva, during milking. *90ml aluminium bottles have a spray cap.


You can either use a 90ml spray bottle to administer a dose (3 sprays) to the nose or vulva, or if you have a jerry can you can dose 3ml into the mouth or if it's going on top of feed then you'll need to dose 1/2 a capful per dose (12ml).

If you are dosing their water trough then its a capful into the water every second day for the first month, then once a week for a further 2-3 months.

The trough dose is 25ml per 500 litre water trough, regardless of how many stock use the trough.


* Safe, non-toxic ingredients

* Safe to use alongside prescription medications

* No with-holding period

* Safe for pregnant and lactating animals 

* Non-sedating 

* Alcohol free

* All remedies have a shelf life of 2 years


General Disclaimer: Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.

Made in New Zealand. 100% Natural and Non-toxic. Homeopathic Preparation.

Contains equal parts of: Calc-p, Mag-p, Silica, Baryta-c, Sulph
Base: Vegetable glycerine & purified water.

Hippo Health remedies are liquid.

To dose an individual farm animal, we have 90ml aluminium bottles with hygienic mist spray lid with over-cap. The dose is given by spraying 2-3 times onto a mucous membrane such as the nose or vulva. In the milking shed, dosing the vulva is an easy and efficient option.

To dose at herd level, we have food grade plastic jerry cans, sized 1 litre, 2 litre and 5 litre. A dose is given by pouring 1 capful (25ml) of remedy into the water trough, every second day. We do offer a pump attachment that dispenses 25ml and can be used instead of the cap. Our 5 litre jerry cans come with a free dispensing pump.

Doses per container  90ml bottle = 500+ doses (2-3 sprays per dose)

1 litre = 40 doses which provides 80 days of trough treatment (Dosing every second day). This is based on water troughs up to 500 litre capacity.

All Hippo Health products have dosing instructions on the label.