BioPet Urinary Health

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BioPet Urinary Health is professionally formulated to assist with a normal immune response to urinary problems in cats such as FLUTS, bladder crystals and cystitis. Used alongside veterinary care, BioPet Urinary Health is a safe, natural and economical way to help your cat.

Please note, urinary problems in cats must always be checked by a veterinarian as there is a risk of the bladder rupturing if a cat has a severe blockage of the urethra causing urine to build up.

BioPet Urinary Health is now available directly from the manufacturer and has been relabelled as Hippo Health Urinary Health but it is the same reliable formulation that has helped NZ felines for over 15 years.

BioPet products are an innovative range of compound herbal and homeopathic remedies, the culmination of 15 year’s clinical veterinary experience. Designed specifically for animals by Head of Research and Development Fiona Lane, in conjunction with New Zealand's leading Veterinary Homeopath Dr Brett Christian, BioPet products enable you to use natural medicine for your pet health need.

Safe, non-toxic ingredients
Safe to use alongside prescription medications
Safe for pregnant and lactating pets
Alcohol free
All remedies have a shelf life of 2 years

General Disclaimer: Our remedies are formulated to support the natural immune system of horses, pets and livestock. We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions. If you are worried an animal may be in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.

Made in New Zealand. 100% Natural and Non-toxic. Homeopathic Preparation.

Contains equal parts of: Cantharis, Thlaspi bursa, Terebinthae
Base: Vegetable glycerine & purified water 

Remedies are dispensed in a 90ml food grade aluminium bottle with a hygienic serum pump lid with over-cap.

90ml bottle = 230 doses

A dose consists of 2 pumps of remedy onto the tongue, gums or lips. Can also be given on a piece of food. Most cats love the sweet taste but if your cat is nervous about being dosed, you can put the dose on your finger and dab it on their lips or gums. You can also add the dose to their food or into their water dish. They do not need to swallow the dose, it just has to come into contact with their tongue or gums.

When symptoms are present, give a loading dose of 1 pump orally approximately every hour for 4 doses, then 3-4 times a day until improvement is seen, Then as a preventative, dose twice daily at weekends to maintain health.

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