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by Fiona Lane July 17, 2023


Hippo Sponsored Rider Hannah Steens has a horse for every course. She told us all about her horses Ice, Lyric, Blue and Biscuit – plus Chico who she is currently breaking in – her love of show jumping and hunting and how she’s passing her passion for horses down to her two-year-old daughter Annie.

Tell us about your horse.

“Icecap (Ice) is a 7-year-old mare who I have had since she was a 3-year-old. We have a special story together as she was bred by my mother’s best friend Trish Douthett…. Trish was like a second mother to me and was the person who taught me how to ride. She used to take me hunting every weekend in her truck when I was about 9 years old. Trish unfortunately lost her life due to domestic violence in 2018 and I bought Ice off her family so I could cherish a small part of Trish. I will never sell Ice - she is my heart horse, and we share a special bond. My mother and I also run a horse Trek in Trish’s memory every year on her birthday to raised money for Domestic violence related charities and Trish’s sister Rosie always rides Ice in her memory. I currently compete Ice in show jumping (105 - hoping to step her up to amateur classes this season), eventing 95cm (she won her first ever horse trial on a score of 28.7) round the ring and saddle hunter, show hunter, and she is my full wire hunter. She is quite the all-rounder and absolutely adores my daughter Annie who at only 2 years old quite often kicks me off to ride her! Ices quirks are that she is the boss in the paddock and a total mare - she will not stand for other horses being near her. However she is the sweetest, most gentle marshmallow when it comes to Annie. Ices favourite treats are any kind of food - she is known to be the piglet of my yard!”

“Double J Lyric (Lyric) is my rising 5-year-old Selle Francis mare whom I have had since she was rising 3 years old that I have broken and produced her myself. Lyric is my superstar showjumper who is very talented, and I am excited to see where we go together in the future. We have been competing in the age series classes and placed 3rd in the national young horse show in a huge quality class with only one rail over the three days. She has also placed 3rd in the Takapoto 4-year-old style class and 6th in the final. I plan to compete her in the 5-year-old series this coming season at the National Young Horse Show, Takapoto and hopefully Horse Of The Year. Along with show jumping I’ve also competed her in a little show hunter. Lyrics quirks are that she loves to be out at a pony party! She will do little bucks and rears to tell everyone how excited she is too be out jumping! She is also a little piglet, so any treats offered are her favourite!”

“Blue Incentive (Blue) is the baby of the team! He is my first home bred and is rising 2 years old. Blue is by Euro Sport Centavos out of my old 2* eventing mare Kowhai (I also bought kowhai from Trish so Blue is very special). I have started his pre-training and am very excited to break him in one day soon! Blue was placed the best-bred eventing colt in the 2021 Warmblood Association Tour, and I am quite excited for his career. Blues quirks are that he is very nosey and cuddly - he is a total teddy bear! Blues favourite treats are - believe it or not - his Healthy Hooves and Abscess Plus remedy doses - he will gallop in every morning to get them!”

“Last but not lease is Biscuit. She’s technically Annie’s pony but she has the whole family’s heart! Biscuit is the best pony ever and has taken such amazing care of Annie whilst she is learning to ride… they have quite the following on Facebook as everybody loves their antics!” 

What’s your favourite discipline to compete in, and why?

“I love all kinds of competing however my main goals at the moment are around showjumping in the summer. I love the challenge of the precision and power along with seeing how hard work in training pays off in the ring. I also love to hunt throughout the winter - there is such an awesome camaraderie and fun times to be had on the hunt field!”

What achievement in your riding career are you most proud of?

“Breaking in all of my horses and starting from scratch is so rewarding and I’m proud of the bonds we create doing this however my proudest moment in the ring was Lyric placing 3rd in the National Young Horse 4-year-old class. It was a true test of our partnership, and it was such a blessing to be in the winner’s circle. I am also very proud of placing in my first international show in the amateur rider class on a borrowed horse I’d only ridden a handful of times before. Riding in the lap of honour in Argentina was amazing and such a cool feeling.” 

Which Hippo Health remedies do you use the most?

“In winter Ice is dosed with Mud & Rain. One winter she had terrible Mud Fever and Mud & Rain was the only product that seemed to help clear it up. Lyric gets dosed with three remedies – Mud & Rain, Joints Plus, and Healthy Hooves. I have seen great improvement with all supplements, and she loves the taste! For Blue I use Healthy Hooves and Abscess Plus and while I haven’t been using these remedies on him for long, I have noticed he has had fewer abscesses in the wet weather, and his hooves seem a lot stronger.“

What’s next for you?

“I have been hunting Ice all winter – it’s a favourite pastime of hers – and have just begun Lyrics winter training before the showjumping season starts, where I’ll be competing in the 5-year-old series. I also have a horse called Chico who I am breaking in over winter to be sold in the summer - he is very exciting, and I can’t wait to see how he goes with a new rider. Blue will also be coming in around at the end of 2023 to be backed and have some pre training before a big holiday again to grow some more.”

How old were you when you started riding?

“I was 8 years old when I got my first pony called scooter. He was an absolute legend and taught me a lot.”

Aside from horse riding, what else do you like to do?

“I am a full-time police officer and mum to little Annie, so life is very busy. When I have spare time Annie and I love to catch up with family and friends.” 

What’s your favourite food?

“I can’t go past a good beef burger and curly fries!” 

What is your kryptonite?

“My Kryptonite is finding a balance between my career, mum life, being a good fiancée and having a social life as it becomes very busy! I wouldn’t have my life any other way and I wake up grateful and blessed every single day.” 

Follow Hannah’s journey onInstagram.

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