Dr Kirichuk's Sweet Plum Tonic - Rejuvenate & Detox

Dr Kirichuk's Rejuvenate & Detox, Sweet Plum Tonic (375ml)
Dr Kirichuk's dietary supplement is a unique organic formula for replenishing the human body's bionutrient needs. 375ml

The main ingredient is organically grown spray-free plums courtesy of the Titford family – one of the original Bohemian Puhoi settlers. Their old-fashioned plum variety orchard was established in Puhoi around a century ago. The Titfords hand-pick their plums and immediately deliver them to the Puhoi Organic Distillery, thus ensuring the top quality and freshness.

The tonic is rich with natural antioxidants (most importantly, polyphenols and pectins), enzymes, vitamins, microelements – vitally important bionutrients extracted from the New Zealand spray-free plums by maceration. The composition is infused with Dr Kirichuk's unique herbal adaptogenic formula which acts as an Anti-ageing agent.

Organically grown sweet plums are of the best sources of antioxidants and pectins (powerful absorbents).


Dosage Recommendation: 30ml once per day, after dinner. Delicious served chilled, for example over ice.
* For adults only due to alcohol content. Not recommended for persons suffering from chronic "leaky gut syndrome".
* Vegan Friendly

Science has proven the huge health benefits of antioxidants. Research conducted by the Ukrainian Centre of Radiation Medicine concluded about pectin's radioprotective effects that "adding pectin preparations to the food and beverage of affected inhabitants of the Chernobyl-contaminated regions promotes an effective excretion of incorporated radionuclides" such as cesium-137.

Dr Kirichuk’s Rejuvenate & Detox Sweet Plum Tonic is the best, easiest and the most efficient way to supplement your vitally important body needs with antioxidants and other bionutrients – by taking a small dosage of the Tonic daily. Dr Kirichuk’s unique botanical adaptogenic formulation infused into the Tonic enhances the beneficial effects. This Tonic is a healthy alternative to the popular plum wine. Unlike the plum wine, the Sweet Plum Tonic is not only aromatic and delicious, but is also a healthy substitute to plum wine.


  • Contains natural anti-oxidants.
  • Supports normal digestive activity.
  • Supports normal bowel movement.
  • Supports normal bone density.
  • Aids the system to de-stress and relax

 How is the tonic made?

Dr Kirichuk handcrafts Rejuvenate & Detox Sweet Plum Tonic in small batches in the pristine green and clean spray-free Puhoi Valley located in New Zealand. The plums are squeezed by hand only. No artificial ingredients or additives are used in the manufacturing process. 

In order to extract the goodness of the sweet plums, Dr Kirichuk uses the best natural extractor – premium quality alcohol distilled from New Zealand red dry wine (Spiritus Vini) by the Puhoi Organic Distillery owned by Dr Kirichuk’s family. The presence of this type of alcohol protects and preserves the beneficial properties of antioxidants and other bionutrients and substantially prolongs the shelf life of the Tonic. Moreover, this type of alcohol (Spiritus Vini) is the best carrier of antioxidants and other bionutrients to the body cells.

Additional information
Store away from direct sunlight.
Natural sediment may occur during storage – indication of authenticity and the natural character of the product.
Serve chilled.
Recommended daily dosage: 30 ml after dinner.
For adults only due to alcohol content.
Not recommended for persons suffering from chronic "leaky gut syndrome".