For the purpose of these conditions the seller will be referred to as HIPPO Natural Health, which operates under the company Goodings Laboratory Limited.

HIPPO Natural Health: 103 Beach Road, Castor Bay, Auckland 0620, New Zealand

1. Money Back Guarantee

1.1 Providing professional Customer Service is very important to us and we hope to make the experience of dealing with HIPPO Natural Health a pleasant one. We want every customer to be a satisfied one, so we provide a money back guarantee on our products, provided the conditions below are met. It is important that you are aware of and understand the conditions below.

1.2 HIPPO Natural Health products have been formulated to support the natural response of the immune system to named health complaint/s. They will not show instantaneous results, nor are they pharmaceutical medications, the homeopathic products are prepared following homeopathic principles, have no known side effects and have no withholding period. The products which also contain herbal ingredients are formulated to comply with industry standards of safe usage. These natural products need time to start working. Please refer to the specific product information on for time frames in which it is reasonable to expect some improvement or, if you are unsure, please contact us. If symptoms persist, we strongly recommend you contact your healthcare professional.

1.3 Products must be given according to the instructions and/or advice given to them at the time of purchase. Always read the label and use as directed. We do not guarantee products when they have been used outside of the instructions directed to you via the label, via verbal instruction given at time of purchase, or via verbal instruction given at a time when you contact us with regard to points 1.4 and 1.5

1.4 We ask that if you do not see any improvement in the symptoms after 14 days and you are unsatisfied with the product, that you contact us via phone or email. If you are unable to speak to us in person, then leave us a message or email and we will make contact with you. We must be aware of your issue, and be able to contact you. This is a condition of our guarantee.

1.5 After this you must follow the advice given and continue to use the product as instructed, for a further 14 days, then if you still see no improvement in the symptoms we qualify this as a money back guarantee.

1.6 Please note that we will only refund you for your first purchase (of the same product) with us. Follow up orders will not be refunded.

2. What do I have to do to get my money back if I find them unsuccessful?

2.1 Note you must have followed our advice, completed the full program as detailed above from point 1. to 1.5 and summarised below from 2.2 to 2.5. If you have done all of these things and have seen no improvement in the symptoms then we will happily refund you your money.

2.2. Call or email us after 14 days of giving HIPPO health products if you have seen no change.

2.3 Follow all advice given for a further 14 days.

2.4. Let us know if you have still seen absolutely no improvement in symptoms after completing our previous advice. Please advise of your return address for service.

2.5. We will then refund by Internet banking or arrange a PAYPAL refund if this was your method of payment.

3. Under what circumstances will you not give a refund?

3.1 We will not give a refund if: · The person has not followed and completed the program outlined above from 1 to 1.5 and summarised from 2-2.5

· The person has not contacted us
· The person refuses to follow our professional advice, as instructed verbally or via the label.
· If it is not the person's first purchase of this product.

4. Freight/Shipping

4.1 Freight for all purchases is at your expense, unless offered FREE under a special promotion, or if there is a fault with the product as referenced below in 4.2 – 4.4 in which case the cost is ours. We will also refund shipping costs on all orders that meet our money back guarantee conditions stated above.

4.2 Freight costs are quoted on our website in NZD. We are not obliged to provide further shipping options.

4.3 If an item ordered arrives damaged, please make a claim by emailing us at within 48 hours of receiving your order. Claims made after this time will not be followed up.

4.4 If an item arrives damaged and a claim has been lodged within 48 hours (as above 4.3) and remains in the condition at which the seller received it (i.e. is not used) then HIPPO Natural health will exchange the product for a new one. It is important the damaged product is not open and used for it to be exchanged.

4.5 If your order does not arrive within 7 days from date of payment, please contact us so we can search for it. We cannot be held responsible if we are not informed within 7 days as we have to be prompt in making a claim on our freight insurance. If your order is not paid for within 7 days it will be deleted from the system unless we hear from you. No order will be shipped until payment has been received and processed.

5. Contacting Us

5.1 Please remember that although our website is accessible 24 hours a day, our office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday New Zealand local time, excluding public holidays when we will be closed. We endeavour to respond to all queries or claims within 2 business days. If you place an order outside of business hours, it will be dealt with the next working day.

6. Payment

6.1 We provide several payment options via our website. We do not accept cash payments.

6.2 Payment is required in full within 7 working days of placing the order. No orders will be processed until payment has been received. Orders going without payment after 7 days will be cancelled.

6.3 If you have made a payment in error, please contact us to arrange a refund.

7. Disclaimer

7.1 HIPPO Natural Health remedies contain homeopathic and/or herbal ingredients designed to support the immune system’s natural response to named health complaints. Our products are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with your, or your animals’ health care professional. Always read the label and use as directed, if you are unsure please contact us. If symptoms persist, contact your healthcare professional.

8. Product Use

8.1 Always read the label and use only as directed.

8.2 HIPPO Natural Health products are made with natural ingredients which should not initiate any negative side effects. If you are experiencing or witnessing a symptom which you are concerned may be a result of using our products, please desist from using immediately and contact your or your animal’s health care professional.

8.3 Please contact us by email on or social media before purchasing any one of our people products so that we can provide you with advice specific to your situation.

9. Ingredients

9.1 All Hippo Natural Health products use food grade quality ingredients in a base of vegetable glycerine and purified water or, when requested a base of alcohol and purified water will be provided.

9.2 Ingredient information is detailed by each product on and on the label.

10. Product Representation

10.1 Product images shown on our website are not to scale. Not all available container sizes are portrayed.

11. Testimonials

11.1 Testimonials featured on are feedback we have received from customers about their personal experiences. They are in no way indicative of us recommending these products to you for these reasons nor are they meant to represent the average experience. Always read the label and use as directed.

12. International customers

12.1 Please note that items shipped outside of New Zealand may be subject to import duties, taxes and/or charges which are not included in the total cost of your order, nor will they be covered or reimbursed by Goodings Laboratory Limited.

12.2 Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to placing your order.

12.3 All HIPPO Natural Health products and ingredients are compliant with New Zealand law including labelling. It is up to you as a consumer of our products to determine whether our products and ingredients are legally compliant in your country before you purchase.

13. Do not repackage our products

13.1 Please note that our products should not be repackaged and/or resold as this is against our terms and conditions of sale.