Karolina Dyszy - Sponsored Rider & Horse Trainer, KAD Equestrian

Hippo Health are delighted to sponsor Karolina Dyszy, a hugely talented rider and trainer, based in Cheviot, NZ. Karolina's philosophy of working 'with' the horse to bring out the best in them, aligns with Hippo Health's philosophy of working with the horse's immune system to achieve lasting results.
Karolina was born in Poland. She was 3 years old when she sat on a horse for the first time. She was 7 when she started to be trained to ride and in a short time able to train competition horses. She got her show jumping lifetime license (FEI) which allowed her to compete up to 125cm in 1990 (7 y.o). She was also 5th in the 4yr old Young Horse Dressage Championship at age 15.
Karolina was very lucky learning from the best trainers and riders (dressage and showjumping) in Poland and then working for a well known and respected German breeder and trainer Gerd Kuest. She was taught to always focus on the horse's way of thinking. Riding and training in the correct way, understanding how to build a strong, listening athlete, never giving up on the horse.
They would decide it was not the right type for them or not enough potential but they would find the right way to train it to the best of its ability.
The same rules applied to the riders. It's not enough to hop on the horse and go!
“If you don't learn how to correct your position you won’t be able to communicate with your horse, not able to stay in balance and feel secure etc. It's not an easy job but its worth it to learn”.
Karolina is seeing a lot of people wearing spurs because they do not know how to use their legs, grabbing the horse's mouth to keep themselves in the “correct” position and then using new and different, more and more fancy bits, and not riding from behind where the engine is, not using their legs or not using the outside rein. All of these are the basics and if you don't have them you will stop your horse form using his body in a correct and comfortable way. You will cause problems such as back pain, running away from your seat, shaking head, escaping from the contact or hanging on your hand, bucking or stopping in front of the jump...your horse won't develop the right muscles and his movement will be limited. Most of the horses who are coming to her for training are changing in a short time. She loves to see this transformation, to see happy owners and riders who start to understand their own body’s and their horses. “This won't happen in one lesson. You cannot change the habits or build the muscles that quickly but within a few weeks of really hard work can bring unbelievable effects. You can build good basics in that time and then it's only polishing it for the rest of your life.” 
To view Karolina's work or to contact her please got to her Facebook page KAD Equestrian or phone (+64) 027 521 3381